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Hey to all the people of TLP my msns are pulgosita_nachi@hotmail.com, and naty_bustillo_9@hotmail.com.

and myspace is: myspace.com/nthlie.com
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Well...I think that the TLP was cool because I knew new people and they were so cool because the majority have the same hobbies as mines and were friendly with me and agreeable. Also I learn things that are happening in the world like right now, and that will happen in the future such as the ice melt and you know, the things that are happening because of global warming, my issue. I also learn what it is to write 500 WoRdS or MoRe!!! Omg is really bored, sorry for saying that but is true, but it also helps me to write good paragraph for the future. Other things were that I learn working with people from other parts of the world and it was very cool.

Now… emmm… I think that the TLP is going to help me in life because it helps me to work as a group but with people from other schools and countries. It also helps me to know more about Global Warming, poverty, wars, etc… and there were things that I didn’t know before this project. It also helps me in searching good information and to put paragraphs in my own words instead of copy and pasting. Well that was all I have to say… Byeeee!!
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Well last week I talked about what I was going to do for this week, but I’ve change my mind to do another thing that have to do more with the documentary that I am going with my friend Margui. This time I get this information in http://www.worldviewofglobalwarming.org/ and also you can see in that page videos of what is happening. Not only that I also saw other blogs from people that aren’t in the project but that are talking about global warming.
What I learn from the first page I went that I also saw the videos is that global warming is increasing and that the hotness at the same time. Also that the glaciers are melting more than before and that the Antarctic would be destroyed because of the huge floods that are going to be and all the animals dead. Not only the animals would died in the Antarctic, also in the regions with deserts or great places with hotness the camels or other animals would died because of the extreme hotness. The people in the world would have a great disease and that disease would kill the 70% of the humans. Also the water of homes of people would become sand, and the great rivers also disappears. The poor people would become anorexics and children would cry for help. It would be a huge massacre, worst than the world wars and other wars that have exist. SO please stop IT. Another thing that is important is the electronic things that people left on when they left their homes to eat or a party.
Now AGAIN my opinions of these cause are that THE HUMANS aren’t really thinking in the huge problem they are causing with all the industries, cars, and other things that are causing global warming. For example the rich and famous people, they have always the lights of their mansions on and also are using many electronic things at the same time. They don’t care because they think they are the kings and queens of the world and the universe. Well IF YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE THAT DO THINGS THAT ARE CAUSING GLOBAL WARMING, PLEASE STOP IT!!! If yourself you ask why other people don’t stop, well the first person that should do the right thing is you! So think about it and see that the whole world is going to change.
Finally I want to say the things that I need to learn. One of them is how scientists are trying to find more and more information, WHY DOESN’T PEOPLE care about it, or if they really care why they don’t stop?, and how would the world would be in the future with this huge problem.
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I got these information from myself and my father . I`ve talked about global warming alot and how it affect us, what is causing it, who is causin it and all that. These time I am going to write of what I learn about it and what are the important things that I found, and my opinions of how to stop global warming without keep using all electronic things adn not using water, and what I need to learn more about global warming. So first I am going to talk about what I learn and the important things of these issue of how to stop global warming without keep using electronic things.

I found important things and also learn about how to stop global warming without keep using electronic things and clean water. One thing that can stop global warming without keep using electronic things is instead of using many televions in the homes of people use only 2 or 1. Another things would be instead of puting the air conditioner all the day on, use fans until night so you can use the air conditioner all night, also when you go out to eat or a party dont left the lights of the dvd, printer, computer, or anything that need energy on, other thing is when adults are going to pick up for their children, ask for other people to take them to your house instead of every parent going up for their children. Even of all those things another idea is that when people are going to take a bath they left the T.V and the stereo, and even the fans on and because of that they are not helping to stop the cause of global warming. More things that are important are to turn off appliances and lights when you leave the room. Use the microwave to cook small meals. Purchase "Green Power" for your home's electricity. Have leaky air conditioning and refrigeration systems repaired. Cut back on air conditioning and heating use if you can. Now the important things of the water are don't let the water run while shaving or brushing teeth, take short showers instead of tub baths. keep drinking water in the refrigerator instead of letting the faucet run until the water is cool, keep your yard healthy , learn how to plant trees, build a pond, compost, and more.

Now I would tell you my opinions of these cause. One of them is that is ridiculous that if we know that the humans are the one that are causing global warming we dont kind of stop it and instead we continue doing it. Like many people do all the things that the news or other things tell them not to do so we can stop global warming and they dont want. Also that the 70% of the humans are lefting the air conditioner or other electronic things on when they go out, ans also when they dont close well the key of the water. So you people that do all the things that are proivited please dont keep doing it so we in the future dont die and also the other living things.

Finally what i think i need to learn more is why the people keep doing all the things that they shouldnt do, why the are so lazy to dont turn off the lights or other electronic things, and how scientists are trying to found more information about the bad effects of global warming. All of those things i need to learn more so i could finish with all my research of these big issue, Global Warming.
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I get this information in the Environmental Issues Novi Meadows Elementary. I talked last week about the things I learn about global warming, what I needed to learn more, my inferences, and what I think of global warming. Now for this week I am going to talk about what I found important and memorable, my inferences and opinions, and what I need to learn more of Global Warming.

I found many things memorable and important such as what more things are causing global warming. One thing that causes global warming is electrical pollution. Electricity causes pollution in many ways, turning on a light, watching T.V, listening to a stereo, washing or drying clothes, using hair dryer, riding in a car, heating a meal in the microwave, using air conditioner, playing video games, and using a dish washer. But one way that is very important are fossil fuels that are burned to create electricity. Fossil fuels are made of dead plants and animals. Examples of fossil fuels are oil and petroleum. Petroleum is one of the sources of energy that is used a lot. It is used for transportation, making electricity, and making other things. Many chemicals that pollute the air, water, and land are sent into the air when fossil fuels are burned. Some of these chemicals are called greenhouse gasses. I learn also about the greenhouse gases which are gasses in the earth’s atmosphere that collect heat and light from the sun. Because of many gasses in the air, the earth’s atmosphere will have too much heat and the earth will get hot. The result of that is that all the living things in the world would die because of the many heat in the Earth. Another thing that I learned from this issue is how people are doing to stop global warming. One thing people are doing is carpooling. Carpooling is driving with someone to a place that you are both going to. Another thing that people are doing is being more careful about leaving things turned on like the television, computer, and the lights. Now, more people are even riding busses, walking to school, and riding their bikes to lower the amount of greenhouse gases in the air. Well that where all the things I found memorable and important of Global Warming.

Well my opinions of this information is very important because all that information teach many people that are doing all those things that causes global warming how to stop doing it and do other things that don’t cause global warming. Also it tells how global warming is affecting the whole world and how it will increase the problems that global warming is causing if we the humans don’t stop it. An example of the global warming increasing is when the forests are burning, some glaciers are melting, the hotness of the desert is increasing, and more living things are dying. Not only is that causing global warming, also the greenhouse gases and the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is when the temperature rises because the sun’s heat and light is trapped in the earth’s atmosphere. This is what the greenhouse effect does to the earth. The heat and light can get through the atmosphere, but it can’t get out. Finally my evaluation is that global warming is an important issue that scientists and other people need to be careful and not to increased more. Those were all my opinions and my evaluation.

Finally I am going to say what I think I need to learn more. One thing that I need to learn more is how much percent is increasing global warming. How scientists are trying to found more information about the bad effects of global warming and how to stop it without keep using all those electronic things.
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Well... I get this information from my father and from Climate Hot Map. From that page and my father I learn that global warming is very dangerous and that it is mostly form by the factories, buses, cars, and motos that are in the cities. Also because global warming is destroying the ozone layer and that is very important and memorable. Not only the ozone, there is also the pole will melt and if they melt the water reserves would finish and it would cause inundations because of the water excess. And in places where there is no excess of water they would die because of the excess of hotness and any water. Fires would be intense and they will destroy all the forests, heavy snowfalls would destroy homes and other things, flooding would kill many people , heat waves and periods of unusually warm weather would kill people because of the excess of hotness, ocean warming would cause the death of fish and other creatures of the ocean, sea-level rise, coastal flooding, glaciers melting, Artic and Antarctic warming, spreading disease would kill like mostly all people, earlier spring arrival, plant and animal range shifts and population changes. Those are the important things that I learned from my father and the page, how dangerous global warming it is and it would be.

My opinions of this issue of global warming are that it was interesting because I have never think of that because usually I think of other things. Also because is something that is happening right now and that is going to affect our future. Not only am I going to talk about my opinion also about how that info is important to me. Is important because it teach many people that the humans are the ones who are causing this big issue that is affecting not only the countries but also the health of many people. Because of the use of many factories, smoking, cars, and other things that have to do with this issue, that go up to the ozone that’s why we are responsible to stop it and to not do that many times as we do. Like parents who go to school to pick up their child, they can tell to other person that is going to pick up his/her child too, to pick up the child their child. Factories that work the same thing but there are like thousands of it! And the wordiest thing is smoking, if people would stop smoking that will be very good to the environment and to the health of people. Well I wish you liked my opinions and what I learned from this issue.

Finally ,I think I need to learn more about it such as other things that are causing this issue that I don’t know or that I didn’t put it. I need to learn how does the life in the deserts and in the poles are for the animals, how the disease would increas, and all of those things. Also other changes that are new and that are also going to affect more the ozone layer than the other things are causing it. Well bye and wish you liked all my info of Global Warming and how i learned it, my opinions, and what i need to learn more.
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Is poverty a big issue in your place?

I was looking in Mr.Fishers class questions and i found one very interesting and it was from Derek. Poverty is a big issue in our place. I think that Cartagena is the city were poverty is a big percent. If you go to the streets fo Cartagena or even other places you see poor people telling to you to give them a coin or even more money!. Thats why I want to go from here because many poor people are transforming in thiefs and is becoming more dangerous every day. Also if you go to La Popa there you only see people with little houses made of dry palm leaves and the only thing they eat is a little plate and a glass of water. That is the life of poor people in Cartagena.
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What are your favorite hangout places in your town/city?

I was looking in the page of teen life wiki and i saw the question from Farouk and i decided to answere it. In Cartagena there are places to go but not to many. There is a place call Otoyal, is a good place to eat an excellent hamburger, hot dog, or BBQ chicken. Another place teenagers mostly go is the Corral and McDonalds because there you can seat talk and eat a delicious hamburger too. In Cartagena we don’t only have hamburger we also have places calls Clubs like Club Cartagena, Club Union, and Club Naval. My friends and I like to go to the Club Cartagena because we get into the pool, eat, play tennis, or walk the entire Club. A place where all kind of people go to is Crepes and Waffles is mostly like the house of waffles, like IHOP but the difference is that in Crepes they sell crepes and ice-cream…Lol. Also in Bocagrande there is another place that is call the Campito, is a place where people that play soccer or baseball can play there but they need to pay; also there they can eat pizza, hamburgers, or ice-cream. That was all I need to say about Cartagena but that is only a part of it!
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hello! In this blog I am going to talk about another issue that I am interested apart of global warming, poverty, and wars and it is, smoking. I am interested in smoking because is an issue that is happening right now and that is affecting the entire world. Smoking is in all parts, from teenagers to adults and now is going to children like ages from 10 years and up. If children start smoking it would be a great disaster to the community, because all that smoke is going up to the air and is affecting the health of people. Also smoke is killing many people because the start from their childhood until they are old so their kidneys are destroying and then they die, and even their hearts. If everyone help to stop smoking our lives would be better and not to many people would die. That was the last issue that I was interested on it because is one of the things is happening right now and that it would increase in the future if we don’t stop it.
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From where does your food and water come from? And the water is clean?

Well usually the food of Cartagena come from other parts of the world such as the United States and the other part from Colombia. The water comes from Waters of Cartagena, which is an industry in Cartagena and is very good. The water of Cartagena that is in the beach is very dirty but the one from the islands is very clean and they are beautiful color like a light blue. Also they in the islands there are many rocks so it make difficult to stay there.
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Hello peeps! What’s up? My name is Naty B and I live in Cartagena, Colombia. The climate in Cartagena is very hot and also it has many beaches and historical places where people from other cities or states come to visit. I study in the College Jorge Washington in 7th grade. In our school the sports are very popular such as football, basketball, volleyball, kickball, etc...Not only sports we also do in school, duh, in the classes we learn some social studies, science, English, math, and Spanish. In my free time I play in the computer, watch TV, play tennis and other sports, get into MSN, and if it is Friday I go out and hangout with my friends. My friends that I hangout more are Susi, Pau, Pifi, Mayi, Carley, and Alex, also they are my best friends and I love them a lot!!LoL! And other girls from other schools too.

There are many issues that I am preoccupied because everyday is happening more and more, global warming, poverty, and wars. I am interested in those three because they are happening right now and also they would affect our future. Also because we are causing it and we don’t react to not do it again.

Global warming is destroying the ozone layer and all the living things are going to die. Also the poles will melt and if they melt the water reserves would finish and it would cause inundations because of the water excess. And in places where there is no excess of water they would die because of the excess of hotness and any water.

Poverty is popular in Cartagena because if you go to the streets you always see a poor child or teenager or an adult. Also not only in Cartagena in other parts of the world too. I think poverty is cause because of the lack of job in the world, so when people don’t have a job they sell candies, water, and other things in streets so they could have money. Also because of the Taxes in food and in resources that they are very high and not all the people can pay it.

And the last issues are the wars. Wars are in all parts of the world and are happening more than other years. They cause many death and also many loose of houses for poor people. They also destruct land, trees, all living things, and also the ozone layer because of the smoke.

Well that was all I wanted to say about the issues I am interests in and the information I know. I also want to know more about the same issues. Well toddles!!
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The story of Monsters Are Do On Maple Street leave many messages that the same character said. Figure One: With few variations. They pick the most dangerous enemy they can find… and it’s themselves. That were one of the characters of the story and they leave a little message that was that aliens or other strange creatures are not dangerous like us the real humans. Another message is when Charlie tell to the people that Tommy was one of the guilty because he know what was going to happen, the message tell like don’t blame other people that you don’t know if they really are the guilty.

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“Many go to the director office noww”! Ms.Murrett said, “but but but what I did!” Katherine said, “You were coping from Katherine” Many went to the director.

When Many was in the room of detention Katherine and Vanessa where waiting for her. When Many get out, Katherine start screaming at her and said “Hey!! Why you where coping from my test I am your best friend and you were coping!”, “I didn’t copy from you that is not true”! Katherine runs to the classroom because when Many put mad she could do whatever she want. When they get into the classroom Many talked to Ms.Murrett about the mistake she had do, but because Ms.Murrett didn’t believe her she ask Katherine that if that was the true, but Katherine said “no”. When the school was over, Many and Lizzie were together and didn’t wanted to talk to Many because of the incident.

When Katherine get home Many was calling Katherine and tell Katherine bad things, but Katherine close to her. “Hi Vanessa, hey I need you to help me resolve the problem I have with Many can you help me?” Yeah friend off course I would ever help you” Vanessa said. The next day Katherine arrives with Vanessa to school and walk into the class together. That day was the day where they were going to pick the best friends of middle school, so Many obviously because she was mad at Katherine she picked Lizzie and Katherine picked Vanessa. When they were going to pick the best friends, Katherine take the microphone and tell all middle school the fight that she and Many has, so all of them were screaming and saying “Buuuu!! That’s so stupid and bad because you copy!” so Many without thinking the problem she would get start screaming and punching Katherine like a wild animal. After the fight Many go to Lizzie and tell she was the only best friend she has so Katherine put to cry.

When school finished Many and Katherine see each other, but instead of fighting again they talk and appoloyse each other. Many said " Katherine I didnt know what to do so i copy sorry", "It doesnt matter Many steal you are my best friend even if whe fight or you copy"Katherine said. When they finish the discussion they went to Katherine´s house and celebrate the friendship again.

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It was October 31 (Halloween) at 9:30P.M. Susi and I decided to go camping in Malibusa, a place that no one had been. (1) There we saw an old house with, destroyed windows, without door, and with bare trees. After we passed the house, we saw the same house again with the same characteristics, so I was very scare. 30 minutes passed and we keep seeing the same house until the last moment that we cant support more and stop in a place and camp in the middle of nothing.(2) When we where going to sleep the floor was uncomfortable, rusty, and dirty so we couldn't sleep well. (3)In the middle of the night Susi heard strangest sounds, many of it like a cat was scratching a door, someone was approaching up to us, a cup of glass was broking, and like if someone was getting a sword to fight. So Susi and me get scared and start packing up to go again to the city, but we couldn't because the sound was getting closer and closer to us and we were more scare when we heard more. When we look back there was a black cat with gray stripes, so after that we weren't scare so much. After 10 minutes that we finish packing we heard the sound again and it wasn't the cat because the cat was we us.(4) So Susi and I were thinking is that sound only of our imagination?, is that a ghost or something by the style?, is that a person trying to kill us!!, we didn't know so we had a decision and it was that the both of us enter to the house and take a pick to see if there was any sound coming from there. So the both of us enter the house. Before,(6) we take some speed, we were like rockets on course. When I enter strange people where there and I only saw a shadow so I was about to scream!! but when I saw the light going on!!...... It was Susi and other friends doing me a joke!!! they tell me if I was scared and if I couldn't afford that and the only thing I did was to scream at them saying(5)"YESSSSSS", and because of my scream, they scream and run because I make them to be scare because of my big scream. Finally when we get to the city again I was very surprised on what stupid joke I have fallen. When I get to my house I saw another strange thing so I tell my self" okay stop doing jokes" but it wasn't a joke.

(1).Series of objects
(3).Series of independent clauses
(4).Series of phrases
(5).Introductory yes, no, or interjection
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I deal with problems compromising or talking about it in a normal way. Not in a screaming or aggressive way like some people do it, in a normal. If I have a problem with a friend I talk with her or him about why she or he is like that to me that she or he doesn’t want to talk to me or that she or he ignored me. Also if it is my best friend I talk to her or send her notes like little messages telling her to explain me what is happening and what her feelings are. I deal problems like that but if it is a stranger that is mad at me and even if I don’t know ill talk to her or him and discuss.

Bad habits is not a word for me ,well I have one that is when my sister is bothering me or doing something in my room or taking something I always get out of her of my room and put in her room and lock myself in my room. I also sometimes scream at her because she is doing something extremely bad or something that I don’t like. That is the bad habit I have.

My strategies when I am under pressure compared when I have time to reflect is not a great difference because when I am under pressure I always stay quite or play or get in the computer. And when I need to reflect I like talk with someone with a friend or a teacher or to my mom.

Well those were my ideas to deal with problems, my bad habits, and my strategies when i am under pressure, I think you liked.
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Once upon a time there was a little dog that live with a rich family. That rich family always traet it bad like if it doesnt exist. When it pass three days, the little dog wasnt getting any piece of food, and because of that he was getting sick. When the family realize that it wasnt doing anything and it wasnt barking they start getting woried. When two days passed the dog was better because the family take care of it again, but after one month they forgot it again of it. So it get sick again, but in these time the dog was dying every minute it was passing. So the family take it to the dog hospital for emergency so the doctors tell to the family with a sad face that the little dog wasnt breading and it was going to die. When the family heard that they just start crying because they know that the fault was of them so they start crying and saying sorry to god. So because of that the doctors scream of happiness because the little dog was living again. When they get home from the hospital the family bought all the necesary things for the dog so it can be very confortable. In christmas the dog was happy and in home again with the careless it needed.

The End
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My birthday party was super cool, it was at the pool at the Club Cartagena. When I get there I was very excited because I was going to have a super cool day with all my friends. When the people where getting in the party we get in into the pool and start talking and playing with a little ball that was there and we start playing volleyball. After that we get out of the pool and eat pizza and coke. Then we get in into the pool again and play with the ball again. After that we encounter with Isabel,Mariana,Cata,Margui,Valeria,Lichi,Isabella, and Valentina. Also with Sergio,Stephano, and Andres.

30 minutes later, we went out of the pool and sing happy birthday to me and all my friend go to there houses. After that I went to my house to change for a party that I have in the night. It was from my cousen and she have her birthday the same day as mines so because of that I was very desesperated and ancious. When the party of my cousen was getting over they sing happy birthday to her and to me!! I was surprised because it should be only to my cousen but to me too so I was happy. Well I think these is enought because these was all. Byeeee!!!!
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My blog has lived up in my expectations very high because I have learn more about technology and how to do your own web pages and even to put comments in other blogs. Also that I like knowing new things about computers and this is my opportunity to know it more than I know now. When Mr.Hide tell us that we were going to do a blog I thought that we were going to do something that only nerds or brainy people do, but it wasn’t like that it was the opposite, because these wasn’t only writing and putting comments to people, it was very fun too, we learn how to put photos, how to link, how to put big quotation marks, how to do your own web page!! And at the end I love to be in my blog.
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